Hulya Ucar (1974)

Born in Denmark of Turkish background Hulya is a conceptual artist living and working in London since 2008

Pursuing a career as a school teacher in Denmark for many years. Subsequently Hulya attended a joint BA program in Performance studies and Cultural studies in 2008 (from University of Roskilde, Denmark). Receiving her MA in Fine Arts in 2009 (from University of East London) and her MA in Cultural Studies in 2012 (from Goldsmiths University).

With a background as diverse as this the artist’s work is undeniably influenced by her lived (often judged as invisible) experiences which gets a real voice and status leaning against her theoretical background from academia.

Her works are to be found in the midst of an area of tensions taking up Muslim migrant women in Western societies which is a central and an ongoing theme throughout her work. Trying to challenge the established Oriental prejudice on Islam, sexuality and gendered shame as well as migrant hybrid culture. Looking at the contemporary political scene from the Danish, Western, Turkish (general Middle Eastern perspectives) as well as from the migrant perspective. (Always searching to question and depict her cultural identity  through all these positions.

A more ephemeral, unruly and almost naive approach can be sensed in her work mixing up urban landscapes (and its signage)and socio political subjects of globalization. This is partly due to her conceptual and researching approach to art rather than a practicality founded in (skilled) handicraft.

She still expresses herself in a variety of materials and media such as texts, statements on drawings and as stencils,

Silk screen prints and alternative prints, autobiographic installations, a new and hybrid re-thinking of i.e. traditional Turkish teaglasses and rosaries with blue beads, and shorter performance videos and photos.

Recent group exhibitions include the Danish Metro Company,  the online IMOW (The International Museum of Women) online exhibition project ‘Muslima’ and The Invisible Line Gallery, London.




Migration in a time of art

art terrorist

  1. Katya Griffin says:

    Dear Hulya,

    The Evening Language Programme at the University of Westminster is looking for teachers of Danish for September 2017.

    Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

    £37.06 per teaching hour

    Regent Street Site, Central London

    Hours: 2 hours a week per course, either 6-8pm or 6.30-8.30pm (Classes from Mondays to Thursdays)

    If you are interested in the vacancy please email me your CV.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the vacancy.

    Best wishes,

  2. Tara Aghdashloo says:

    Dear Hulya,

    You stopped by The Invisible Line gallery last week and I didn’t get a chance to see you again. We were closed that Friday for a few hours.
    I’m wondering if you’re around this Wednesday to stop by?



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