Curtains for vents...

Growing up as a Turkish girl I always had a strange relation to curtains. Since in Turkish households you always have curtains for night time, but also curtains (tyl) even for daytime use. I never really liked curtains as they were taking up too much space as well as taking part of the daylight.
Equally I never understood why dressing/undressing in front of a window was a problem… I always and still undress for the whole neighbourhood it seems…The lucky viewers this time are the Jewish families in the building in front of my estate.
My ex-husband years ago interpreted a stone being thrown in through my Stamford Hill bedroom window with my dressing/undressing in front of the window with no shame in a Jewish/Muslim neighbourhood. It’s not that I would explain this as an exhibitionist act or a consciously chosen performance.
Still part of me apparently tries to be very tidy and chastity looks like something the curtains could protect in this act of putting curtains on even non-existing wanna-be-vent-windows.