‘Stereotyped’ is a performance video from 2013, in Aarhus, DK.
In the near future, I aim to make a video-installation, documenting photos from before the video-shooting ‘Stereotyped’ of in frames and sound files on the subject of the video + an interview on why the photos are being displayed and their display method and space)
We should no longer play THE 3 MONKEYS!! I can see/you can see, I can hear you can hear, I can speak/you can speak.
What is a Turkish bride in her bridal gown doing in a public toilet for women at Aarhus central station? And where the hell is her groom?!
-photos on display: are intimate, therefore they are displayed in small scale. And they are performed and displayed to get an attention, but not an exhibitionist or self-orientalizing attention. They are there to document my changing room (the public ladies’ room at Aarhus central station, where a lot of people besides using the toilets for natural urgent purposes also gets ready to go in to the city of Aarhus making their personal statements via clothing and everyday performances, performing to be a woman, dressing up for someone/dressing up for the world, putting on their body faces.)
My aim is to show that the skin of ethnic minority women are not any different from other women’s skin or that the moment of awkward places for undressing/changing is the same no matter skin colour. I was actually standing by the ‘emanet’ closets at the station while taking of my bridal gown before putting on my normal clothes. It was a moment where other people could have easily seen me/watched me/a camera was probably on at the station seeing me/I could have been stopped by security for reasons of exhibitionism or for displaying unusual migrant behavior.