It happened again
The discrimination (read: Eurocentric gaze and inbuilt attitude)
and the Jantelaw.
The worst part being the passport control.

The transformation
as I took the first step into the flight gate towards Denmark.
With that very step
everything inside of me changed.
Someone was calling me from within.
Crying and screaming.

I had forgotten it all this time.

I had been away.

I was unguarded for once,
as life was so easy before this room.
I wasn’t prepared and suddenly all the rules taking place outside of me
Entered, took over inside of me and locked the door.
I tried to be tough and strong to protect myself,
But once again I had been beaten by Jantelaw.
And taking myself into the plane I was desperately trying to look back to where I came from.
As well as finding fellow-spirited ”others” that had the same anxiety in their gaze as I had.
I got on the plane decisive not to speak one word of Danish.

It’s not a new thing.
I have done this before.

I might be regarded as a traitor and ungrateful, like the Turkish cat, for my own double background.
Double double double
But it exhaust me and takes over my body,
I am already a hostage.
From this point on no one will ask me “if im ok”.

Being here.
Being away.
Being back.
Never returning.
Always being home somewhere else.

(Welcome home to Denmark foreigner!)


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