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Curating at “The Singular” exhibition by Pinar Canpolat at Petit Coin Cafe/London

Curating at

Singular is a new series of paintings by London-based artist Pinar Canpolat, painted recently in  London. 
Canpolat’s work here has mostly been concerned with the experience of alienation. Singular follows her interest in contemplating loneliness found in crowded modern cityscapes. Being together simultaneously with feeling isolated are clearly a contradiction.
When art is not abstract it is often generally described as being figurative. Pınar’s persons can definitely be described as figurative. They are close to being realistic still on the other hand there seems to be an uncanny side to them breaking them up within the crowds with invisible contours to avoid genuine human contact. Although they are beings like you and me they are lacking basic human competences…maybe they have forgotten about these at some point in their lives and developments…
Canpolat’s works reminds us that Art has this special ability to make us see, question and to change our ways with the others whom we happen to co-inhabit the world with.

Hulya Ucar / Curator